Welcome to the More Than Existing™ Academy of Higher Consciousness, created and founded by Spiritual, Emotional, and Healing Consultant Corrie Thorne, a place where all are welcome to come, explore, and immerse in knowledge.

More Than Existing™ Academy of Higher Consciousness was created with an intention to be a place of conversion transitioning from a life of “have to be” to “I chose to change.” A message for us all as a reminder to become the happiest, most content version of self. This is a place, and a movement to the way that we explore and achieve success!

To achieve spiritual growth: emotional, spiritual healing, and maturity are a must!

Are you not tired of fear and insecurity being the selling factor to everything? Or hearing statements that claim you and your world will not exist without buying into the fear of the unmet satisfaction of the shadow?

Corrie was tired of ‘just’ existing within the expectations of the wants of others, and with an incredible ability to see beyond, she can SEE THE TRUTH of the you, that you are yet to see.

More Than Existing™ Academy of Higher Consciousness is a way home. A change in direction and perception of how we should be, to allowing ourselves to become whole, embodying love and light. Just like Corrie, an out-of-the-box style, a woman with many gifts, talents, and knowledge, and wisdom that cannot be defined.

We welcome you here, and invite you to explore the many available on-demand and live online courses, workshops, masterclass, coaching services, and meditations. There are a variety of FREE and paid course options, along with a variety of course creators within the More Than Existing™ Academy of Higher Consciousness.

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Here Emotional, Spiritual, and Healing Consultant, Corrie Thorne shares some of her tools and techniques developed through her work as the founder and creator of the More Than Existing self-actualization coaching program and author of the accompanying book "More Than Existing" along with her extensive training as a Life Coach, Mystic, Medium, and Channel.


Meet The Academy Course Creators/Contributors

Are you a course creator interested in joining the team? Email [email protected] to discover more.

Corrie Thorne

Author and Creator of the More Than Existing™ book and self-actualization coaching program. A mystic, keynote speaker, certified psychic medium, oracle card reader, Reiki master and teacher, spiritual and past life healer, and so much more. www.corriethorne.com

Lisa Richard

Lisa Richard is a Level 3 Reiki Master, Emotion Code Practitioner, Human Design Guide, and certified More Than Existing™ Lightworker Coach residing on beautiful Vancouver Island. www.lovingenergyrecharge.com

Sabina Magnus

Sabina is a Spiritual Teacher, Alchemist and passionate Ambassador of the Soul. Specializing in Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, and Vedic Counselling. www.3hteachings.com

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Bringing together women empowerment leaders who share a common desire of inspiring others to live a life of more than ‘just’ existing. Focusing on topics such as holistic health practices, cultural awareness, energy healing, mental health and coping strategies, self-actualization techniques, and self-acceptance. 

Event Dates: Jan 7-9, 2022

  • Friday, Jan 7th: 5pm - 9pm MST
  • Saturday, Jan 8th: 8am - 9pm MST
  • Sunday, Jan 9th: 8am - 9pm MST

Early Bird Ticket Sales (Nov 1 - Dec 15)

  • All access weekend pass
  • Includes 17 separate 1-hour webinars from multiple presenters.
  • Access to the Live 2-hour Mediumship Event (Saturday Night)
  • 90 day access to all event recordings (excluding live mediumship)
  • Must be 18 years of age or older to attend
  • All Tickets are final sale & non-transferable


Upcoming Live Online Classes

Nov/Dec 2021

Self-guided Courses

Meditations to Balance the Mind-Body-Soul

Human Design Classes

 with Lisa Richard

Kundalini Yoga Classes

with Sabina Magnus

More Than Existing

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With Corrie Thorne

Step Into Your Power

Combo Packages

Self-guided Course + Private Coaching Session

With Lisa Richard

The Revival Of The Divine Feminine "Goddess Within" Masterclass Series

With Corrie Thorne

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